2000 Game Summaries and Box Scores

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More offense at the Stick

June 2nd - Another favorable day for the hitters resulted in plenty of offense on Friday. Patrick Cork faced off against father Tony in the opener with a brisk wind blowing straight out to center. The team of Chris Cork, Ryan Tomlinson, and Tony Cork took a 1-0 lead into the fifth before Dustin Waldrop hit a pair of homeruns to push the game to 3-1. After a pair of solo shots from Tony and Chris Cork tied the game at 4, Patrick Cork, Waldrop, and rookie Lyndell Wright exploded for 5 runs in the top of the 7th to put the game out of reach and win 9-5. Patrick picked up his second win of the year going 9 innings and allowing 5 runs. Tony Cork suffered his first loss of the year giving up 9 runs in 9 innings. Dustin Waldrop had 3 homers and drove in 7 in the contest while rookie Lyndell Wright went 7-for-15 in his debut.

In the second game, Waldrop faced off against Wright on the mound and took a 3-1 lead into the fifth. 3 unearned runs against Waldrop in the top of the inning dropped his team behind 4-3, however, a six run fifth and another 6 run sixth put the game well out of reach as the contest was called off with the score 15-4. Waldrop finished the second game 9-13 with 3 homers and 7 RBI while Patrick Cork went 8-13 and drove in 6. The team of P. Cork, Waldrop, and Tomlinson pounded out 19 hits in just 6 innings as Waldrop picked up win number one on the year.

STATS FOR 6-2-00

GAME #1 - P.Cork, D. Waldrop, L.Wright vs. T.Cork, R.Tomlinson, C.Cork

PC/DW/LW - 000 031 500 - 9 19 0
TC/RT/CC - 010 021 100 - 5 15 1

P.Cork 5-16, 2 3B, 3R; D.Waldrop 7-16, 3HR, 7RBI, 3R; L.Wright 7-15, 3B, HR, 2RBI, 3R

T.Cork 9-14, 2 2B, 2HR, 3RBI, 2R; R.Tomlinson 1-14; C.Cork 5-13, 2B, 2HR, 3RBI, 3R

P.Cork (W) 9 IP, 5 ER, 15 H, 9 K; T.Cork (L) 9 IP, 9 ER, 19 H, 7 K

GAME #2 - P.Cork, D. Waldrop, R.Tomlinson vs. T.Cork, L.Wright, C.Cork

TC/LW/CC - 001 030 XXX - 4 12 0
PC/DW/RT - 010 266 XXX - 15 19 0

P.Cork 8-13, 2B, 2HR, 6RBI, 5R; D.Waldrop 9-13, 2B, 3HR, 7RBI, 7R; R.Tomlinson 4-13, RBI, 3R

T.Cork 5-11, RBI, R; L.Wright 2-10; C.Cork 6-10, HR, 2RBI, 3R

D.Waldrop (W) 5 IP, 4R, 2ER, 12 H,; L.Wright (L) 5 IP, 9 R, 8ER, 14 H, 5 K; R.Tomlinson 0 IP, 2H; P.Cork IP, 0R, 0H, K; C.Cork 1/3 IP, 2ER, 2H; T. Cork 1/3 IP, 4ER, 3H

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Weekend closed out with Sunday afternoon game

June 4th - After favorable hitting conditions all week, the pitchers finally got a break on Sunday as the wind had finally stopped gusting out and was actually breezing in through most of the game. The team of Greg Howard, Chris Cork, and Dustin Waldrop were able to pick up a 5-2 win over Patrick Cork, Tony Cork, and Ryan Tomlinson.

Patrick Cork started the scoring off with a bloop RBI single in the second inning that just tipped off brother Chris's glove to make the score 1-0. In the bottom of the third, Chris Cork's 2-out liner to center could not be hauled in by Tomlinson and Dustin Waldrop would immediately follow with a 3-run blast giving his team a 3-1 lead on three unearned runs. They would take a 5-2 lead into the ninth when Patrick Cork delivered a 2-out double to push runners to second and third with 2 outs. Greg Howard was able to retire the final batter and leave the runners stranded for the 5-2 win.

Howard picked up the win by allowing just 2 runs on 10 hits. Tony Cork was the tough-luck loser allowing 5 runs, but only 2 earned. Dustin Waldrop continued his power surge with a pair of homeruns and 5 RBI while Patrick Cork turned in a 7-for-13 day and drove in both of his team's runs.


PC/TC/RT - 010 000 010 - 2 10 2
GH/CC/DW - 003 010 01X - 5 8 1

Patrick Cork 7-13, 2B, HR, 2RBI, R; Tony Cork 2-13; Ryan Tomlinson 1-12, R
Greg Howard 2-11, 2B; Chris Cork 2-11 3B, 3R; Dustin Waldrop 4-11, 2HR, 5RBI, 2R

Greg Howard (W) 9IP, 2R, ER, 10H, 4K; T.Cork (L) 8IP, 5R, 2ER, 8H, 2K

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Unlikely ending to Friday's game

June 9th - A very closely played battle ended with an unlikely hero Friday as the chair baseball season continued into the middle of June.

The team of Patrick Cork, Ryan Tomlinson, and Josh Massey squared off against Greg Howard, Tony Cork and Lyndell Wright in an afternoon game. With Howard and Massey dueling on the mound, the game was scoreless through three innings. Patrick Cork broke his team into the scoring column in the bottom of the fourth with a 2-run blast over the garage in right center. Massey held the opponents scoreless through 6 innings until Greg Howard broke up the shutout with a 2 run homer that just cleared the yellow line in right field to tie the game at 2. Both teams threatened late, but neither team could manage to work in a run and the game went to extra innings tied at 2.

In the bottom of the 10th, Ryan Tomlinson led off for the home team. Tomlinson got a first pitch fastball and drove the ball deep into left center field and into the ditch for the first walk-off homerun of the summer. Tomlinson, who was 1-for-12 until his homerun, homered for just the second time this year. His last homer came on Opening Day nearly 3 weeks ago and his average has hovered around the .200 mark all year.

Josh Massey picked up the win going 10 innings and allowing just 2 runs. Greg Howard was the tough luck loser and fell to 1-3 on the year despite a 3.44 ERA.


GH/LW/TC - 000 000 200 0 - 2 9 0
PC/RT/JM - 000 200 000 1 - 3 11 1

Greg Howard 3-14, 3B, HR, 2RBI, R; Lyndell Wright 1-13; Tony Cork 5-13, R
Patrick Cork 4-13, HR, 2RBI, R; Ryan Tomlinson 2-13 HR, RBI, R; Josh Massey 5-12, R

Josh Massey (W) 10IP, 2ER, 9H, 1K; Greg Howard (L) 9IP, 3ER, 11H, 4K

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Cork leads Monday morning blowout

June 12th - Monday morning featured a rather one-sided affair as the team of Patrick Cork, Greg Howard, and Lyndell Wright pounded out a 13-0 win over Dustin Waldrop, Josh Williamson, and Ryan Tomlinson.

After a scoreless first three innings, the visitors jumped on the board with a 2 run homerun off the bat of Patrick Cork. Those two runs were all his team would need, but the scoring did not stop there. Cork added another two-run homer in the fifth inning and a three-run bomb in the sixth to push the lead to 8-0. After getting the 2-0 lead, Cork stepped up on the mound and retired the next 14 batters.

Cork finished the day with a Corklestick Park record 12 hits going 12-for-16 including season highs with 4 homeruns, 2 triples, 8 RBI, and 8 runs. Lyndell Wright continued his strong rookie campaign going 6-for-16 and hitting his second homerun of the season. Wright also finished with a career high 5 RBI. As mentioned above, Cork not only had his best offensive game of the year, but also his best pitching performance. He recorded his second shutout of the season allowing only 4 hits over 9 innings while striking out a season high 12 batters. Williamson suffered the loss in his first appearance this year allowing 8 runs and 15 hits in 6 innings of work.


GH/PC/LW - 000 233 014 - 13 22 0
RT/JW/DW - 000 000 000 - 0 4 0

Greg Howard 4-17, 2R; Patrick Cork 12-16, 2 3B, 4 HR, 8 RBI, 8 R; Lyndell Wright 6-16, HR, 5 RBI, 3R
Ryan Tomlinson 2-11, 2B; Josh Williamson 2-10, 3B; Dustin Waldrop 0-10

Patrick Cork (W) 9IP, 0ER, 4H, 12K; Josh Williamson (L) 6IP, 8ER, 15H, 1K; Dustin Waldrop 3IP, 4ER, 7H

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Late inning fireworks again from Tomlinson

June 16th - In what turned out to be a costly day at Corklestick, Ryan Tomlinson stole the show once again with some late-inning heroics in a marathon game on Monday.

With a stiff breeze blowing in early in the game, a low-scoring battle was likely and the pitchers would not disappoint. Lyndell Wright and Josh Massey squared off on the mound and used the conditions to their advantage. The team of Wright, Patrick Cork and Justin Massey jumped out early with 2 first inning singles, but left both runners stranded. In the second and third, Massey escaped trouble again as the bases were left loaded in each inning. Despite 8 hits through the first three innings, Wright, Cork and Massey could not crack the scoring column.

Chris Cork, Ryan Tomlinson, and Josh Massey didn't threaten until the fifth when a potential Chris Cork triple was thrown out by Patrick to squander any scoring chances. In the sixth, with the game still scoreless and 2 outs, Chris blasted a ball into dead center field. Brother Patrick robbed Chris with a sliding catch well past the homerun line to keep the game scoreless. The catch, however, would be costly as Patrick would injure his left foot in a collision with right fielder Justin Massey as the catch was made. Although hobbled, Patrick would double and triple late in the game, but his team could never crack into the scoring column.

Once again in the 10th inning, they left the bases loaded with just one out (their 15th LOB of the game). Finally in the 11th inning, Lyndell Wright knocked an RBI single up the middle for the first runs in almost 2 hours of play. In the bottom of the 11th, with 2 strikes and 2 outs, Josh Massey singled into left field to set the stage for Ryan Tomlinson. Tomlinson, who had his first career walk-off homer just a week ago, lined one down the left field line that cleared the homer line by a foot for the game winning runs.

Tomlinson spoiled a beautiful outing by Lyndell Wright who allowed only those 2 runs while giving up just 12 hits in 10 2/3 innings. Josh Massey picked up the win despite flirting with disaster all afternoon. Massey gave up 16 hits, but only one run. As mentioned earlier, the sixth inning catch by Patrick was a costly one. X-rays on his foot were negative, however, he will miss anywhere from 7 to 14 days with a bone contusion on the top of his foot. Although hobbled for the final 6 innings, Cork led the day offensively with 7 hits in 17 at bats including 2 doubles and a triple.


(Patrick Cork, Lyndell Wright, Justin Massey) VS. (Josh Massey, Ryan Tomlinson, Chris Cork)

PC/LW/JM - 000 000 000 01- 1 16 0
JM/RT/CC - 000 000 000 02- 2 12 1

Patrick Cork 7-17, 2 2B, 3B, R; Lyndell Wright 4-17, RBI; Justin Massey 5-17
Josh Massey 5-15, R; Ryan Tomlinson 5-15, HR, 2RBI, R; Chris Cork 2-14

Josh Massey (W) 11IP, 1ER, 16H, 4K; Lyndell Wright (L) 10 2/3IP, 2ER, 12H, 5K

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Late offense ends pitcher's duel

June 22 - Despite medical advice to take 7-10 days off, Patrick Cork returned on Thursday just 5 days after suffering a foot injury to help lead his team to a 4-0 victory. Unable to run on the foot, Cork locked up with Tyson Schnitker on the mound in what turned out to be another record-setting day at Corklestick.

The two teams were scoreless through six innings with neither team threatening until a lead-off homer from Russell Meskimen ended Schnitker's shutout bid and gave Cork a 1-0 lead. Patrick followed with a triple and Lyndell Wright ripped a homer into the road off of new pitcher Robert Trimble and they led 3-0 in the seventh. That was more than enough for Patrick on the mound. Cork dominated the opposing hitters all day. He took a no-hitter into the fourth inning until a Tyson Schnitker single, and then went on to retire the next 11 batters before another Schnitker single. That was all the offense on the day as he pitched a brilliant, Corkletstick record, 2-hitter striking out 14 batters on the day.

Cork's left foot bothered him at the plate being unable to plant on his front foot, but Meskimen and Wright took care of the offense driving in all four runs. This is Patrick's third shutout in four starts this year and his ERA is now 1.21. He currently has a scoreless stretch of 20 innings and has only given up runs in one of his six appearances this season. Over his recent hot stretch, Cork has allowed just 6 hits over his last 18 scoreless innings while striking out 26 batters.


(Patrick Cork, Lyndell Wright, Russell Meskimen) VS. (Tyson Schnitker, Robert Trimble, Justin Massey)

PC/LW/RM - 000 000 310 - 4 12 0
TS/RT/JM - 000 000 000 - 0 2 0

Patrick Cork 5-13, 2 3B, 2R; Lyndell Wright 5-12, HR, 3RBI, R; Russell Meskimen 2-12, HR, RBI, R
Tyson Schnitker 2-10; Robert Trimble 0-10; Justin Massey 0-10

Patrick Cork (W) 9IP, 0R, 2H, 14K; Tyson Schnitker (L) 6 1/3IP, 2ER, 8H, 6K; Robert Trimble 2 2/3IP, 2ER, 4H, K

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Come-from-behind win at the Stick

June 25th - An 8th inning rally led to a victory on the mound for Greg Howard as he helped himself out with a late-inning homerun to lead his team to a 6-5 win on Sunday.

Howard was matched up against Tony Cork on the hill and grabbed an early 3-0 lead following an unearned run in the first and a 2-run homer by Patrick Cork in the second. However, Tony would get some support of his own in the third with a Dustin Waldrop 2-run shot and would grab two more runs in the fourth on back to back blasts by Ryan Tomlinson and Waldrop. Another Waldrop solo shot in the sixth extended the lead to 5-3 where it would stay until the 8th inning.

Patrick Cork led off the 8th with a double and was later driven in on Howard's third homer of the year - a blast to straight away center field - to tie the game at 5. The visitors continued to play "small ball" in the inning singling four more times to score the go-ahead run at 6-5. 10 of their 17 hits were singles in the game. Patrick Cork retired the final 6 hitters in order for the save as Howard picked up his second win of the year.

Howard finished with 7 innings pitched and allowed four earned runs on four homeruns. Despite being out-homered 4-2 in the game, the team of Cork, Howard, and Roales were able to get the win by compiling 17 hits on the afternoon. Waldrop finished the day with 3 homers and 4 RBI and Patrick Cork was 7-15 with a homerun and 4 RBI. He is now hitting .456 (72-158) on the year.


(Greg Howard, Patrick Cork, Paul Roales) VS. (Tony Cork, Ryan Tomlinson, Dustin Waldrop)

GH/PC/PR - 120 000 030 - 6 17 3
TC/RT/DW - 002 201 000 - 5 9 1

Greg Howard 6-15, HR, 2RBI, R; Patrick Cork 7-15, 3 2B, HR, 4RBI, 2R; Paul Roales 4-15, 2 3B, 3R
Tony Cork 2-13, 2B; Ryan Tomlinson 4-13, HR, RBI, 2R; Dustin Waldrop 3-13, 3HR, 4RBI, 3R

Greg Howard (W) 7IP, 5R, 4ER, 9H, 4K; Tony Cork (L) 9IP, 6R, 5ER, 17H, 3K; Patrick Cork (S) 2IP, 0R, 0H, 2K

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Sloppy tripleheader at Corklestick

June 26th - Monday was a long day at Corklestick Park as 9 different players took the field for a tripleheader in wet, sloppy conditions. In the opener, Greg Howard and Lyndell Wright were matched up on the hill. Howard's team jumped out to an early 2-0 lead on a pair of RBI singles from Jason Woodard and Ryan Tomlinson. However, the visitors would put up a 4-spot in the third thanks in part to a 3-run Patrick Cork homer. After a Ryan Tomlinson solo shot in the fourth, Wright would not allow another run as his team scored lone runs in the 6th, 8th, and 9th innings to give him a 7-3 win. Wright allowed 3 runs on 11 hits and struck out 7 in the game. Howard only gave up 10 hits in the game, however, 4 of them left the park.

Robert Trimble/Jake Hoalt, Lyndell Wright, Patrick Cork) VS. (Jason Woodard, Ryan Tomlinson, Greg Howard)

J/R/LW/PC- 004 001 011 - 7 10 0
JW/RT/GH - 020 100 000 - 3 11 0

HITTING Jake Hoalt 2-5, RBI; Robert Trimble 2-7 HR, RBI, 2R; Patrick Cork 5-12, 3B, 2HR, 4RBI, 4R; Lyndell Wright 1-12, HR, RBI, R
Jason Woodard 4-12, 2B, RBI, R; Ryan Tomlinson 3-12, HR, 2RBI, R; Greg Howard 4-12, 2B, 1R

Lyndell Wright (W) 9IP, 3ER, 11H, 7K; Greg Howard (L) 9IP, 7ER, 10H, 3K

In the second game, Ryan Tomlinson pitched a shutout over six innings as the game was stopped early with his team taking the victory 4-0. Tomlinson allowed 7 hits and struck out 7 and was able to escape a bases loaded, 1-out jam in the sixth to secure the shutout.

(Robert Trimble/Greg Howard, Ryan Tomlinson, Jason Woodard) VS. (Jake Hoalt, Lyndell Wright, Josh Massey)

G/R/RT/JW- 021 010 - 4 10 1
JH/LW/JM - 000 000 - 0 7 3

Greg Howard 2-6, 3B, RBI, R; Robert Trimble 0-5; Ryan Tomlinson 3-11; Jason Woodard 5-10, 2B, HR, 2RBI, 3R
Jake Hoalt 2-9; Lyndell Wright 1-9; Josh Massey 4-9, 2B

Ryan Tomlinson (W) 6IP, 0ER, 7H, 5K; Jake Hoalt (L) 2IP, 1ER, 3H, 1K; Josh Massey 4IP, 2ER, 8H, 2K

Game 3 was another thrilling game as both teams came from behind in yet another late-inning comeback at the Stick. Lyndell Wright and Dustin Waldrop faced off on the mound. Wright was spotted a 2-0 lead in the bottom of the fourth when he doubled in two runs with the bases loaded. However, Wright would lose his no-hitter and his shutout in the top of the 5th on a 2 run homerun by Dustin Waldrop. After Wright drove in 3 more runs in the fifth, he gave up a huge inning in the top of the 6th. Waldrop hit a pair of solo shots and Ryan Tomlinson delivered the big blast with a grand slam down the left field line to make the game 8-5 and chash Wright off the mound. It would stay 8-5 until the bottom of the 8th when the home team exploded. With Waldrop still on the mound, Jason Woodard clocked a 2-run homer to center to cut the lead to 8-7 and Patrick Cork followed with a solo shot to tie the game at 8. Cork would later hit another solo homer in the inning to make the lead 9-8 and Wright would follow with a homer as well as they banged out 5 runs on four homers in the inning to take the game 10-8. Patrick Cork "vultured" himself a win pitching the final 2 innings, including the 8th when the five runs were scored. Wright finished with a career high 6 RBI in the come-from-behind victory.

(Josh Massey, Ryan Tomlinson, Dustin Waldrop) VS. (Patrick Cork, Lyndell Wright, Jason Woodard)

JM/RT/DW- 000 026 000 - 8 11 1
PC/LW/JW - 000 230 050 - 10 15 0

Josh Massey 4-12, 2R; Ryan Tomlinson 4-11, HR, 4RBI, 3R; Dustin Waldrop 3-11, 3HR, 4RBI, 3R
Patrick Cork 7-14, 2HR, 2RBI, 5R; Lyndell Wright 5-13, 2B, 3B, 2HR, 6RBI, 3R; Jason Woodard 3-13, HR, 2RBI, 2R

Lyndell Wright 6 1/3IP, 7ER, 8H, 2K; Dustin Waldrop (L) 8IP, 10ER, 15H,; Jason Woodard 1 2/3IP, ER, 3H; Patrick Cork (W) 2IP, 0R, 0H, K

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Alf passes up big dollars to live out dream

June 28th - In an era where players are seeking that major contract deal or that one break to get to the major leagues, Paul Alf has stuck to his beliefs in order to live out a dream. That dream is to play chair baseball.

Alf passed up a multi-year deal to play in the Cubs farm system this week in order to play the only place he ever wanted to play - Corklestick Park. "As a person who is a huge baseball fan and who loves to play the game, I am always looking for a challenge," remarked Alf. "Now I found it in Chair Baseball."

Alf, who spent most of his early days growing up near Chicago rooting on the hometown Cubs, once dreamed of playing at Wrigley Field, but those dreams have changed. "In baseball today you see players getting caught up in the money and I hate seeing people who do not even run out a ground ball," added Alf. "Well at Corkelstick Park you will find players who come just for the love of the game, people who never let money get in the way of being a succesful chairbaseball player. I am thrilled, honored and waiting in anticipation for this game so I can give 150%."

Alf, a 21 year old rookie, is most likely to spend a week at AAA before being called up to the big leagues sometime over the weekend. The pressure that is present on a daily basis at this level is extremely high, and the league feels he needs to get his feet wet for a few days before being thrown into the fire. If there's one player that can handle that pressure of a mid-season callup though, it's Alf. The target date is set for Monday, July 3rd for a holiday doubleheader.

If you're looking for tickets to the weekend games, you are out of luck. After news of Alf's signing, the remaining tickets for the extended holiday weekend series sold out in just under an hour. The rest of the league is looking forward to Alf's arrival as well. "There's no doubt he is going to bring a spark of life to this season," commented Commissioner Patrick Cork. "So far this year has been a good one, but we haven't had that one player come in and add that extra energy to the game. The league saw this and couldn't pass up the opportunity. Maybe one day the Cubs can have him, but for now, Paul Alf is ours."

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A pair of 5-4 games at the Stick

June 30th - A couple of tightly contested battles were waged at Corklestick Park on Friday as the league prepares for what promises to be an exciting 4th of July weekend.

In the first game, Tony Cork and Greg Howard faced off. Dustin Waldrop and Patrick Cork each hit solo homers in the first, and Tony Cork helped himself out with a huge 3 run triple in the bottom of the third inning to give himself a 4-1 lead on the mound. Cork was great on the mound featuring primarily a knuckleball that kept hitters off balance all day. Cork allowed just 3 hits over the first 8 innings. With the game still 4-1 in the top of the 9th, a pair of singles from Waldrop and Ryan Tomlinson brought the tying run to the plate. Patrick Cork came out of the bullpen to close it out for the home team.

Cork, however, could not hold the lead as Howard hit a game-tying 3-run homer to center field to bring the game even at 4. It was the first blown save in two years for Patrick and was also the first run he has allowed in over 3 weeks (22 innings). Cork would retire the final two hitters to keep the game even. In the bottom of the 9th, Tony, Lyndell Wright, and Patrick loaded up the bases with 2 outs. Patrick ended the game with a walk-off single to right field to finish the day with a 5-4 win. Despite blowing the save, Patrick picked up the win on the mound. A great outing by Tony Cork ended in a no-decision as he went 8 1/3 innings allowing just 3 runs on 5 hits.


(Greg Howard, Ryan Tomlinson, Dustin Waldrop) VS. (Tony Cork, Lyndell Wright, Patrick Cork)

GH/RT/DW - 100 000 003- 4 6 0
TC/LW/PC - 103 000 001 - 5 16 0

Greg Howard 2-11, HR, 3RBI, R; Ryan Tomlinson 2-11, R; Dustin Waldrop 2-11, HR, RBI, R
Tony Cork 6-14, 3B, 3RBI, R; Lyndell Wright 3-14; Patrick Cork 7-14, HR, 2RBI, 4R

Tony Cork 8 1/3IP, 3ER, 5H, 6K; Greg Howard (L) 8 2/3IP, 5ER, 16H, K; Patrick Cork (W) 2/3IP, ER, H, K

Game 2 was another exciting game that came down to the final hitter once again. Ryan Tomlinson and Lyndell Wright took the hill in the second game of the doubleheader. A 2-run homer by Patrick Cork and a solo shot from Greg Howard made the game 2-1 after 3. Patrick would add a solo job of his own in the top of the 4th, and a big 2 run error on a ball hit by Tony Cork plated two more as they crept out to a 5-1 lead. Waldrop hit a solo shot in the bottom of the fifth to cut the lead to 5-2, and Howard hit a two run homer in the 7th (his second of the game) to make the game 5-4. Once again, Patrick Cork would come out of the bullpen to try to close out the victory for the starter. After a 1-2-3 8th, he gave up a leadoff triple to Howard that was inches from leaving the park. Cork settled down to retire the next 3 hitters without the tying run scoring to secure another 5-4 win.

Lyndell Wright picked up the win going 7 innings and allowing 4 runs on 7 hits. Ryan Tomlinson took the loss lasting only 3 1/3 innings giving up 3 runs on 6 hits. Dustin Waldrop had a solid relief outing finishing the final 5 1/3 innings allowing just one run. Patrick Cork had another big day at the plate finishing the doubleheader 17 for 29. His season average continues to stay well above record pace at .474 (101-213).


(Tony Cork, Lyndell Wright, Patrick Cork) VS. (Greg Howard, Ryan Tomlinson, Dustin Waldrop)

TC/LW/PC - 002 120 000- 5 17 0
GH/RT/DW - 001 010 200 - 4 8 1

Tony Cork 4-16, 3B, R; Lyndell Wright 3-15, R; Patrick Cork 10-15, 2B, 2HR, 3RBI, 3R
Greg Howard 4-11, 2B, 3B, 2HR, 3RBI, 2R; Ryan Tomlinson 3-11, R; Dustin Waldrop 1-11, HR, RBI, R

Lyndell Wright (W) 7IP, 4ER, 7H, 2K; Ryan Tomlinson (L) 3 1/3IP, 3ER, 6H; Dustin Waldrop 5 2/3IP, 2R, ER, 11H, K; Patrick Cork (S) 2IP, H, 2K

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Great outing by Howard leads to 3-1 win

July 1st - The big 4th of July weekend continued at Corklestick on Saturday with a lone afternoon contest. Greg Howard pitched his best game of the season in yet another low scoring game.

Howard got some early run support from his teammates as Justin Massey and Patrick Cork each drove in single runs in the first inning, but they left the bases loaded and took the field up just 2-0. A solo homer by Patrick in the third would push the lead to 3-0, and that was all Howard would need. He would retire 27 of the 33 hitters he faced on the day giving up just one run on a Chris Cork bomb in the eighth. He struck out 3 and allowed just 6 hits to improve to 3-5 on the year and lower his ERA to 3.99.


(Greg Howard, Patrick Cork, Justin Massey) VS. (Tony Cork, Chris Cork, Josh Massey)

GH/PC/JM - 201 000 000- 3 11 0
TC/CC/JM - 000 000 010 - 1 6 2

Greg Howard 1-14; Patrick Cork 7-13, 2 2B, HR, 2RBI, 2R; Justin Massey 3-13, 2B, RBI, R
Tony Cork 2-11, 2 2B,; Chris Cork 3-11, HR, RBI, R; Josh Massey 1-11

Greg Howard (W) 9IP, 1ER, 6H, 3K; Josh Massey (L) 9IP, 3ER, 11H, 2K

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Alf shines in weekend doubleheader

July 3rd - Paul Alf made his Corklestick debut in front of a sellout crowd on Saturday and did not disappoint the fans. The strong play of Alf somewhat overshadowed a pair of solid pitching performances as his team swept the doubleheader.

In the first game, Ryan Tomlinson pitched the best game of his three year career firing a 6-hit shutout to pick up the win in the 6-0 game. He got some offensive support from Alf and Patrick Cork as the two of them combined to go 13-29 from the plate and drove in 5 of the 6 runs. Alf went 6-15 with a homer and 3 RBI in his debut. On the mound, Tomlinson was brilliant allowing just 6 singles over 9 scoreless innings to move to 3-2 on the year.

STATISTICS FOR 7-3-00 (Game 1)

(Paul Alf, Ryan Tomlinson, Patrick Cork) VS. (Greg Howard, Tony Cork, Chris Cork)

PA/RT/PC - 001 101 201- 6 16 1
GH/TC/CC - 000 000 000 - 0 6 1

Paul Alf 6-15, HR, 3RBI, 2R; Ryan Tomlinson 3-14, R; Patrick Cork 7-14, 2 3B, 2RBI, 3R
Greg Howard 0-12; Tony Cork 3-11; Chris Cork 3-11

Ryan Tomlinson (W) 9IP, 0ER, 6H, 4K; Greg Howard (L) 9IP, 6R, 5ER, 16H,

In Game 2, Patrick Cork took the mound against Tony Cork. Patrick exploded at the plate early in the game hitting 3 homeruns and driving in 5 runs in the first three innings to spot himself a 5-0 lead. A solo homer by brother Chris and a two run shot by Dustin Waldrop cut the lead down to 5-3 in the sixth inning. After a solo shot by Alf pushed the lead to 6-3, a huge 2-out error opened the door for more runs. Alf blasted a shot out to left center for his first career grand slam and his 5th RBI of the contest. They would tack on one more in the 8th to cruise to an 11-3 victory. Patrick pitched well over 9 innings allowing 3 runs and 8 hits while striking out 6 to move to 7-0 on the season. In the second game, Alf and Cork combined to go 16-29 with 5 homeruns and 10 RBI. On the day, teammates Paul Alf and Patrick Cork were 29-58 with 6 homeruns and drove in 15 of the teams 17 runs on the day.

Despite a pair of good pitching performances, the story of the day was Alf. He was 13-for-30 on the afternoon with 3 homers, 8 RBI, and scored 6 times. Alf has already gotten some support from several chair baseball players. "He not only played well himself, but he elevated the rest of the team," commented Patrick Cork. "I just felt comfortable knowing he would drive us in if we got on." Chris Cork remarked after the game, "He's got my vote for the All-Star Team."

STATISTICS FOR 7-3-00 (Game 2)

(Tony Cork, Chris Cork, Dustin Waldrop) VS. (Paul Alf, Ryan Tomlinson, Patrick Cork)

TC/CC/DW - 001 002 000 - 3 8 1
PA/RT/PC - 203 005 010 - 11 20 0

Tony Cork 4-11; Chris Cork 4-11, 2B, HR, RBI, 2R; Dustin Waldrop 3-11, HR, 2RBI, R
Paul Alf 7-15, 2HR, 5RBI, 4R; Ryan Tomlinson 4-15, 2B, RBI, 2R; Patrick Cork 9-14, 3HR, 5RBI, 5R

Patrick Cork (W) 9IP, 3ER, 8H, 6K; Tony Cork (L) 8IP, 11R, 7ER, 20H, 2K

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Power Surge on Wednesday

July 12th - After a 9 day layoff, the chair baseball season picked up again with a powerful day of hitting on Wednesday. After a 1-0 game to open the afternoon, a pair of homerun-laden games followed. In game two on the day, Greg Howard and Josh Massey faced off on the hill. Howard helped his own cause by hitting Massey's first pitch of the day out of the park to center field for an early 1-0 lead. A 2 run homer by Patrick Cork pushed the lead to 3-0, however Dustin Waldrop answered with his 22nd homerun of the year - a 3 run shot in the third - that tied the game. Justin Massey and Cork would each hit solo shots in the 6th, and Cork added another 2 run homer in the 8th to clinch the 7-3 win. All 10 runs scored in the game came as the result of homeruns. Howard went 9 innings allowing just 3 runs on the day to pick up his 4th victory of the year.

STATISTICS FOR 7-12-00 (Game 1)

(Tony Cork, Josh Massey, Dustin Waldrop) VS. (Greg Howard, Patrick Cork, Justin Massey)

TC/JM/DW - 003 000 000- 3 8 0
GH/PC/JM - 120 002 02X - 7 9 0

Tony Cork 3-12, 2B, R; Josh Massey 3-12; Dustin Waldrop 2-11, HR, 3RBI, 2R
Greg Howard 1-11, HR, RBI, R; Patrick Cork 5-11, 3HR, 5RBI, 4R; Justin Massey 3-11, HR, RBI, 2R

Greg Howard W) 9IP, 3ER, 8H, 3K; Josh Massey (L) 8IP, 7ER, 9H, 5K

In Game 3, Patrick Cork came up with best offesive output of the year to lead his team to a 6-5 win. After Ryan Tomlinson and Greg Howard pitched scoreless innings in the first and second, Howard broke the scoring open with a 2 run homer in the top of the 3rd. Patrick added a solo shot in the bottom of the inning and the game was 2-1 through 4. Leading off the top of the 5th, Patrick began a record streak at the plate homering in three consecutive at bats (2 solos and one 2 run homer) to push the lead to 5-2 after 6 innings. The game would stay 5-2 until the top of the 7th inning when Greg Howard tied things up with a 2-out, 3 run homerun to center field (his second of the game). In the bottom of the inning, however, Patrick homered once again (his 4th in 3 innings) to push the lead up to 6-5. Cork would come in from the bullpen to pitch 2 scoreless innings for the save. Tomlinson picked up the win going 7 innings and allowing 5 earned runs on 10 hits. He did strike out 7 on the afternoon. Greg Howard was 5-13 at the plate including a pair of homeruns and a season high 5 RBI in the loss. Patrick exploded in the game finishing 6-11 with a career high 5 homeruns and 6 RBI. On the doubleheader, he continued to make a run at the .500 hitting mark going 11-22 with 8 homeruns and 11RBI. The win pushed Tomlinson's record to 4-2 on the year while Howard dropped to 4-7 despite a solid 4.27 ERA. "To be honest with you, I've never pooped that much in my life," commented Cork after the game. "I told Ryan in the middle of the game to pay attention because I will never hit like for a stretch of 3 innings again. To hit 4 homeruns in 5 at bats is somewhat ridiculous and if you take out that stretch, I was only 2 for 6 the rest of the game. If Chris Cork was here to see that, all he would have said was 'What the butt'."

STATISTICS FOR 7-12-00 (Game 2)

(Greg Howard, Tony Cork, Dustin Waldrop) VS. (Patrick Cork, Ryan Tomlinson, Justin Massey)

GH/TC/DW - 002 000 300 - 5 11 0
PC/RT/JM - 001 031 100 - 6 8 1

Greg Howard 5-13, 2HR, 5RBI, 3R; Tony Cork 4-13, 2B, R; Dustin Waldrop 2-13, R
Patrick Cork 6-11, 5HR, 6RBI, 5R; Ryan Tomlinson 2-11, R; Justin Massey 0-10

Ryan Tomlinson (W) 7IP, 5ER, 10H, 7K; Greg Howard (L) 7IP, 6ER, 8H, 6K; Patrick Cork (S) 2IP, H, 2K; Dustin Waldrop IP

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Another long day at the Stick

July 13th - Following a tripleheader on Wednesday, Corklestick Park hosted a doubleheader on Thursday afternoon. In game one, Lyndell Wright took the mound against Dustin Waldrop. The home squad jumped on Waldrop early with three runs in the second inning forcing him out of the game. However, Waldrop would put together a power stretch in the middle of the game to put it out of reach. Waldrop homered in the 3rd, 6th, and 8th and also added RBI hits in the 3rd and 4th innings to have his most successful offensive day of the summer. Waldrop finished 10-15 with 3 homeruns a career high 10 RBI en route to the 10-5 victory.

STATISTICS FOR 7-13-00 (Game 1)

(Jason Woodard, Ryan Tomlinson, Dustin Waldrop) VS. (Lyndell Wright, Greg Howard, Justin Massey)

JW/RT/DW - 004 202 020- 10 18 1
LW/GH/JM - 030 101 000 - 5 13 0

Jason Woodard 3-15, 2B, 3B, 2R; Ryan Tomlinson 5-15, 2B, 3R; Dustin Waldrop 10-15, 3B, 3HR, 10RBI, 5R
Lyndell Wright 6-14, 2 2B, 3B, 2RBI, 2R; Greg Howard 3-14, HR, RBI, 2R; Justin Massey 4-14, HR, 2RBI, R

Jason Woodard (W) 5IP, 1ER, 5H, 4K; Lyndell Wright (L) 8IP, 10ER, 17H, 5K

Game two of the doubleheader turned out to be the best game of the chair baseball season as the teams of Russell Meskimen, Tyson Schnitker, and Chris Brooks took on Greg Howard, Patrick Cork, and Dustin Waldrop. In what turned out to be an outstanding pitcher's duel, the visitors jumped out to an early 1-0 lead on a Patrick Cork RBI single in the top of the 1st. Brooks would answer with a solo homer in the third to tie the game at 1. Cork matched Brooks in the top of the 5th with a solo shot of his own, however, Brooks homered again in the bottom of the inning to tie the game at 2 and the head-to-head matchup had begun. Both Howard and Brooks were brilliant on the mound throughout as the game stayed tied at 2 through 6 1/2 innings. In the bottom of the 7th, Brooks hit his third solo homer of the game to give himself a 3-2 lead on the mound. The game would remain 3-2 until one out in the top of the 9th inning. Patrick Cork tied the game with his second solo homer of the game to tie the game and force extra innings in dramatic fashion. Cork would also take the mound in the bottom of the ninth replacing Howard who had an outstanding outing. Cork and Brooks continued to shut down opposing hitters until Patrick struck again in the 13th. Cork blasted another solo homerun in the inning to make the game 4-3 and Cork would retire the final 3 hitters in order for the win.

The pitchers were the story as Howard, Brooks, and Cork put on a show on the mound. Howard pitched 8 solid innings allowing 3 runs, but only on 8 hits. Brooks took the loss despite going all 13 innings. Although he gave up 18 hits, Brooks was nearly unhittable throughout striking out 16 batters on the afternoon. Cork picked up the win by going 5 innings and allowing only one hit. Brooks was 4-16 at the plate, however, 3 of those hits were homers as he drove in all 3 of his team's runs. Patrick was 9-19 in the game including a pair of doubles and 3 homeruns including the tying homer in the 9th and the game winner in the 13th. He drove in four on the afternoon and scored 4 as well. It was easily the most intense game of the summer and a rematch is likely in the near future.

STATISTICS FOR 7-13-00 (Game 2)

(Greg Howard, Patrick Cork, Dustin Waldrop) VS. (Russell Meskimen, Tyson Schnitker, Chris Brooks)

GH/PC/DW - 100 010 001 000 1 - 4 18 0
RM/TS/CB - 001 010 100 000 0 - 3 9 2

Greg Howard 6-20; Patrick Cork 9-19, 2 2B, 3HR, 4RBI, 4R; Dustin Waldrop 3-19
Russell Meskimen 2-16; Tyson Schnitker 3-16; Chris Brooks 4-16, 3HR, 3RBI, 3R

Greg Howard (W) 8IP, 3ER, 8H, K; Chris Brooks (L) 13IP, 4ER, 18H, 16K; Patrick Cork (W) 5IP, H, 4K

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4 great pitching performances lead to low-scoring games

July 24th - In a hitter dominated season, the pitching got the attention on Tuesday as the chair baseball season resumed after an 11 day layoff. In game 1, Greg Howard and Ryan Tomlinson faced off in the opener of the doubleheader. Howard helped himself with a solo homer in the first inning and took a 2-0 lead into the fifth inning. 4 straight singles from Patrick Cork, Lyndell Wright, and Ryan Tomlinson cut the lead to 2-1, but Howard added another solo shot in the 7th to push the lead up to 3-1. Patrick's solo homer in the 8th was not enough as Howard picked up the 3-2 victory. Howard improved his record to 5-7, but has a very respectable 3.98 ERA in a league-leading 110 2/3 innings. Tomlinson picked up the loss depsite allowing only 7 hits over 8 innings of work.

STATISTICS FOR 7-24-00 (Game 1)

(Lyndell Wright, Ryan Tomlinson, Patrick Cork) VS. (Tony Cork, Jason Woodard, Greg Howard)

LW/RT/PC - 000 010 010- 2 10 0
TC/JW/GH - 100 100 10X - 3 7 0

Lyndell Wright 2-13, R; Ryan Tomlinson 2-12; Patrick Cork 6-12, HR, 2RBI, R
Tony Cork 2-12; Jason Woodard 2-10, 3B, RBI; Greg Howard 3-11, 3B, 2HR, 2RBI, 3R

Greg Howard (W) 9IP, 2ER, 10H, 5K; Ryan Tomlinson (L) 8IP, 3ER, 7H, 4K

Game 2 was much like the first with pitching dominating the hitters throughout. Dustin Waldrop and Lyndell Wright took the hill for another low-scoring contest. Patrick Cork broke into the scoring column with a solo homerun in the bottom of the 4th inning, and that was all Wright would need as he threw a 9 hit shutout and posted the 2-0 victory. A pair of diving grabs by Patrick Cork in left field extinguished the only threats in the game as Wright controlled the hitters all afternoon as he allowed just nine hits (all singles) and struck out 4 batters. Waldrop pitched his best game of the year in defeat allowing only 1 earned run in 8 innings.

STATISTICS FOR 7-24-00 (Game 2)

(Jason Woodard, Tony Cork, Dustin Waldrop) VS. (Lyndell Wright, Ryan Tomlinson, Patrick Cork)

JW/TC/DW - 000 000 000 - 0 9 1
LW/RT/PC - 000 100 010 - 2 10 0

Jason Woodard 1-12; Tony Cork 5-12, Dustin Waldrop 3-12
Lyndell Wright 2-12, 2B; Ryan Tomlinson 3-12; Patrick Cork 5-11, 2B, HR, RBI, 2R

Lyndell Wright (W) 9IP, 0ER, 9H, 4K; Dustin Waldrop (L) 8IP, 2R, 1ER, 10H, 4K

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Another day of good pitching at Corklestick

July 25th - The same two teams that squared off for a pair of low scoring games on Monday were at it again on Tuesday with similar results. In game one of the doubleheader, Greg Howard and Ryan Tomlinson dueled on the mound with Howard coming out on top of a 5-1 game. After Howard drove in a run with a triple in the 3rd, 3 singles and an error plated two more runs in the 6th to give Howard a 3-0 lead. It was more than enough as he would allow only one run in 9 innings to pick up the win. Howard gave up 7 hits and struck out four while driving in 4 runs at the plate in the game. Tomlinson pitched another solid game, but came out with the loss despite allowing just 3 earned runs.

STATISTICS FOR 7-25-00 (Game 1)

(Ryan Tomlinson, Patrick Cork, Lyndell Wright) VS. (Tony Cork, Jason Woodard, Greg Howard)

RT/PC/JW - 000 000 100- 1 7 2
JW/TC/GH - 001 002 02X - 5 12 0

Ryan Tomlinson 1-12; Patrick Cork 3-11, 2B, HR, RBI, R; Lyndell Wright 3-11
Jason Woodard 2-13, 2R; Tony Cork 5-13, RBI, 2R; Greg Howard 5-12, 3B, HR, 4RBI, R

Greg Howard (W) 9IP, ER, 7H, 4K; Ryan Tomlinson (L) 8IP, 3ER, 12H, 2K

History was made in game number two as Patrick Cork and Jason Woodard squared off. It was Cork's first start in nearly a month, but there was little rust shown. Cork pitched a one-hit shutout to win his 9th game of the year by a score of 5-0. After retiring the first 13 hitters of the game, Jason Woodard broke up the no-hit bid with a single in the fifth, but Cork retired the final 14 batters in order thanks to 13 strikeouts and some solid defense from Lyndell Wright and Ryan Tomlinson in the outfield. Cork homered and drove in 3 at the plate as well. Cork has allowed just 9 runs in 69 innings (1.17 ERA) and only 41 hits on the year. He leads the league with 72 strikeouts as well.

STATISTICS FOR 7-25-00 (Game 2)

((Tony Cork, Jason Woodard, Greg Howard) VS. (Ryan Tomlinson, Patrick Cork, Lyndell Wright)

TC/JW/GH - 000 000 000 - 0 1 0
RT/PC/LW - 100 002 020 - 5 15 0

Tony Cork 0-10, Jason Woodard 1-9; Greg Howard 0-9
Ryan Tomlinson 4-13, RBI, 2R; Patrick Cork 7-13, 3 2B, HR, 3RBI, 2R; Lyndell Wright 4-13, HR, RBI, R;

Patrick Cork (W) 9IP, 0ER, 1H, 13K; Jason Woodard (L) 5IP, 1ER, 6H, K; Tony Cork 3IP, 4ER, 7H

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Sloppy defense leads to blowout

July 26th - After a pair of low-scoring pitching duels, Wednesday's chair baseball game ended in a 10-5 blowout. In the first, a crucial Josh Massey error in right field opened the flood gates to a 5-run inning capped off by a Patrick Cork grand slam. Two more runs in the 2nd pushed the lead to 7-0 where it would stay until the 6th. Dustin Waldrop got a homerun spurt late in the game, but it was not nearly enough as Lyndell Wright survived giving up 4 homeruns to Waldrop in the game for the 10-5 win. Greg Howard pitched 2 innings and received the loss giving up 7 runs, however, only one of the runs was charged to Howard. The teams combined to hit 8 homeruns in the game.

STATISTICS FOR 7-26-00 (Game 1)

(Patrick Cork, Lyndell Wright, Justin Massey) VS. (Greg Howard, Dustin Waldrop, Josh Massey)

PC/LW/JM - 520 001 200- 10 17 2
GH/DW/JM - 000 002 201 - 5 7 3

Patrick Cork 5-16, 2HR, 5RBI, 4R; Lyndell Wright 6-16, RBI, 3R; Justin Massey 6-16, 2HR, 3RBI, 3R
Greg Howard 1-13, 2B, R; Dustin Waldrop 4-13, 4HR, 5RBI, 4R; Josh Massey 2-12

Lyndell Wright (W) 9IP, 5ER, 7H, 3K; Greg Howard (L) 2IP, 7R, 1ER, 8H, 2K; Dustin Waldrop 7IP, 3ER, 8H, K

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Roller coaster battle ends in 9-8 game

August 3rd - The offense has returned to Corklestick. After a couple of low-scoring weeks of play, the last two outings have worn out the scorebook with runs coming endlessly. On Thursday, Tony Cork and Lyndell Wright looked to stop the offensive surge on the hill, but neither could. Wright was spotted a 3-0 lead in the second inning when Tyson Schnitker belted a 3-run homerun to right field, however, Patrick Cork added a 2-run shot of his own in the bottom of the inning. A solo homer from Tony Cork and a 3-run bomb from Patrick chased Wright from the game in the 4th trailing 6-3. Schnitker took the mound in relief, and helped himself out with a solo homer in the top of the 6th. Lyndell Wright added an RBI double and Josh Massey had an RBI triple that tied the game at 6. Once again, Patrick answered in the bottom of the inning with an RBI single and an RBI triple to push the lead back to 8-6. With nobody out in the top of the 8th, Schnitker got the last laugh crushing a 3-run homerun to straightaway center to regain the lead where it would stay at 9-8. The home team would have a chance in the 8th with runners on 1st and 3rd with nobody out, but they left them stranded and the threat was over.

In the game, there were four lead changes and three ties. Cork and Schnitker had enormous days at the plate with Patrick going 6-13 with 3 homeruns, a triple, and two doubles. He drove in 7 and scored 4 times. Schnitker was 6-12 in the game belting out three homers of his own while driving in 7 and scoring 4 times. He picked up the win in relief going 5 1/3 innings allowing just 2 runs on 4 hits. Tony Cork took the loss surrendering 9 runs and 13 hits in 9 innings.


(Tyson Schnitker, Josh Massey, Lyndell Wright) VS. (Tony Cork, Patrick Cork, Justin Massey)

TS/JM/LW - 030 003 030- 9 13 0
TC/PC/JM - 020 402 000 - 8 12 1

Tyson Schnitker 6-12, 2B, 3HR, 7RBI, 4R; Josh Massey 4-12, 2B, 3B, RBI, 3R; Lyndell Wright 3-12, 2B, RBI, 2R
Tony Cork 5-13, HR, RBI, 4R; Patrick Cork 6-13, 2 2B, 3B, 3HR, 7RBI, 4R; Justin Massey 1-13

Tyson Schnitker (W) 5 1/3IP, 2ER, 4H, 5K; Tony Cork (L) 9IP, 9R, 8ER, 13H, 3K; Lyndell Wright 3 1/3IP, 6ER, 7H, 3K

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Wild, rain-delayed game at Corklestick finishes with Corks on top

August 6th - A unique record was set at Corklestick over the weekend with only one game on the schedule. The game which started on Saturday at noon, did not finish until 6:30 p.m. on Sunday afternoon. A record 27 1/2 hour rain delay did not stop the action, however, as the wild affair ended with a 12-7 score.

After just one inning of play on Saturday, the day was washed out with showers with the team of Corks leading 1-0 on a solo shot by Chris. When play resumed on Sunday, the Corks added a pair of runs in the fourth off of Greg Howard to push the lead to 3-0. Tony Cork cruised through four innings on the mound, but ran into a forgetful inning in the fifth. Two homers by Howard as well as bombs from Tyson Schnitker and Dan Inboden vaulted the visitors into a 6-3 lead. 3 of the 4 homers were hit in succession. The teams traded runs into the bottom of the sixth when the Corks exploded for 5 more runs thanks to hot hitting from Chris and Patrick. Chris would add a solo homer in the 8th and Patrick hit a 2-run shot as well as they pulled ahead for the 12-7 final.

Despite giving up the 6-run inning, Tony Cork managed to come out with the win going 6 innings and giving up 7 runs on 5 homeruns. Patrick Cork threw three hitless innings to pick up his 5th save of the year. Howard had his roughest outing of the season giving up 12 runs (8 earned) in 8 innings. He did however homer three times at the plate in the loss. Patrick was 8-14 with 3 homers and 8RBI while brother Chris added a pair of homers and became the first player in league history to homer two times in the same game but on different days.


(Dan Inboden, Dustin Waldrop, Greg Howard, Tyson Schnitker) VS. (Chris Cork, Tony Cork, Patrick Cork)

DD/GH/TS - 000 061 000- 7 10 1
CC/TC/PC - 100 215 03X - 12 19 0

Dan Inboden 3-10, 3B, HR, RBI, 2R; Dustin Waldrop 0-4; Greg Howard 5-13 3HR, 5RBI, 4R; Tyson Schnitker 2-13, HR, RBI, R
Chris Cork 4-15, 3B, 2HR, 3RBI, 4R; Tony Cork 7-15, 2B, RBI, 2R; Patrick Cork 8-14, 2B, 3HR, 8RBI, 6R

Tony Cork (W) 6IP, 7ER, 10H, 5K; Greg Howard (L) 8IP, 12R, 8ER, 19H, 2K; Patrick Cork (S) 3IP, 0ER, 0H, 4K

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Regular season ends with bang

August 7th - The regular season came to a close on Monday with a doubleheader at the Stick. In game one, Patrick Cork tied the game with a 2-run shot in the fifth, and put them ahead with solo homers in the 6th and 7th innings. He continued his torrid power run belting out three homeruns and driving in 4 en route to the 5-3 win. Dan Inboden took the win going 9 innings and allowing 3 runs while Greg Howard took the loss.


(Ryan Tomlinson, Dan Inboden, Patrick Cork) VS. (Josh Helton, Lyndell Wright, Greg Howard)

RT/DI/PC - 000 022 100- 5 13 0
JH/LW/GH - 200 001 000 - 3 7 0

Ryan Tomlinson 2-14; Dan Inboden 5-13, 2B, RBI, R; Patrick Cork 6-13, 3HR, 4RBI, 4R
Josh Helton 3-12, RBI, R; Lyndell Wright 1-11, R; Greg Howard 3-11, HR, 2RBI, R

Dan Inboden (W) 9IP, 3ER, 7H, 7K; Greg Howard (L) 9IP, 5ER, 13H, 3K

In game two, players were aplenty as 8 people took part in the game that finished 9-5. Again, Patrick Cork set the tone early bombing four home runs in his first 7 at bats to vault his team to a 7-2 lead after four innings. Ryan Tomlinson was the vicitm of the gopher ball, but allowed 5 of his 7 hits to Patrick, including the four homers. Some late offense from Greg Howard was not enough for the visitors as they fell 9-5. Lyndell Wright took the win while Tomlinson suffered the loss.

STATISTICS FOR 8-7-00 (Game 2)

(Ryan Tomlinson, Greg Howard, Dan Inboden) VS. (Josh Helton, Lyndell Wright, Patrick Cork, Dustin Waldrop, Tony Cork)

RT/GH/DI - 110 000 300- 5 13 1
JH/LW/PC - 210 420 000 - 9 15 1

Ryan Tomlinson 1-10; Greg Howard 4-13, 2HR, 3RBI, 2R; Dan Inboden 7-12, 3B, HR, RBI, 3R
Josh Helton 1-8, R; Lyndell Wright 5-15, HR, 2RBI, 3R; Patrick Cork 6-13, 3B, 4HR, 8RBI, 4R; Dustin Waldrop 1-6; Tony Cork 5-7, 2B, HR, RBI, 2R

Lyndell Wright (W) 9IP, 5ER, 13H, 11K; Ryan Tomlinson (L) 4 2/3IP, 7ER, 8H, 3K; Greg Howard 3 1/3IP, 2ER, 7H, 3K

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World Series done after just 2 games

The 2000 Chair Baseball Series began and ended on Friday with a doubleheader at Corklestick Park. In Game 1, Tony Cork and Dustin Waldrop started on the mound for the crucial first game of the series. The team of Cork, Greg Howard, and Patrick Cork jumped out to an early lead in the second inning thanks to a pair of errors on the defense and a 2-run homer by Greg Howard. A pair of RBI hits from Patrick Cork in the 3rd and 4th innings pushed the lead to 5-0 after 5 innings. The seemingly comfortable lead evaporated quickly in the 6th when Dustin Waldrop hit a solo homer and Chris Cork followed with one of his own. A 2-run homer by Chris later in the inning brought the lead all the way down to 5-4, and Patrick Cork would come out of the pen for a long save opportunity. A single run in the 7th extended the lead to 6-4, and despite a late threat in the 8th inning, Cork was able to shut down the opposing offense allowing just 2 hits and striking out 5. Tony Cork picked up the win going 5 2/3 innings and allowing 4 runs on 6 hits. Waldrop took the loss going the distance and allowing 6 runs, but only 4 earned. A game-record 5 errors led to 2 of the 6 runs in the game.


(Greg Howard, Tony Cork, Patrick Cork) VS. (Lyndell Wright, Chris Cork, Dustin Waldrop)

GH/TC/PC - 031 100 100- 6 14 0
LW/CC/DW - 000 004 000 - 4 8 5

Greg Howard 4-16, HR, 3RBI, R; Tony Cork 4-15, RBI, R; Patrick Cork 6-15, 2 2B, HR, 2RBI, 4R
Lyndell Wright 2-12, R; Chris Cork 5-12, 3B, 2HR, 3RBI, 2R; Dustin Waldrop 1-11, HR, RBI, R

Tony Cork (W) 5 2/3IP, 4ER, 6H, K; Dustin Waldrop (L) 9IP, 6R, 4ER, 14H, 4K; Patrick Cork (S) 3 1/3IP, 2H, 5K

Greg Howard and Tyson Schnitker dueled on the mound in Game 2 in what turned out to be a wild, roller coaster affair. Schnitker was dominate early in the game shutting down the opposing offense over the first 3 innings while striking out 4. A 2-run triple by Chris Cork and a 2-run homer from Waldrop gave Schnitker a 4-0 lead through 3 innings, but a pair of hits from Howard and Patrick Cork cut the lead in half at 4-2. Back-to-back homeruns in the fifth by Schnitker and Chris Cork again extended the lead to 7-2, but Patrick Cork followed with 2 homers and 3 RBI in the bottom of the inning to keep his team in the game. The game would be 8-5 heading into the bottom of the 8th inning when the home bats exploded. After 2-out singles by Tony and Patrick Cork, Greg Howard bombed a 3-run shot to center to tie the game at 8. The Corks both singled again and Howard hit another 3 run homer to suddenly vault his team into the lead at 11-8. Tony, Patrick, and Howard had 7 straight hits with 2 outs in the inning to complete a remarkable comeback victory. Chris Cork hit a solo shot in the top of the 9th, but it was not enough as the final score was 11-9. Despite giving up 9 runs in the game, Howard got the win thanks to some timely hitting of his own. Schnitker was sharp at times, but ran out of gas at the end of the game and allowed 11 runs on 17 hits in 7 2/3 innings.


(Tyson Schnitker, Chris Cork, Dustin Waldrop) VS. (Greg Howard, Tony Cork, Patrick Cork)

TS/CC/DW - 022 030 101- 9 15 0
GH/TC/PC - 000 230 06X - 11 20 0

Tyson Schnitker 5-14, HR, 2RBI, R; Chris Cork 7-14, 3B, 3HR, 5RBI, 5R; Dustin Waldrop 3-14, 3B, HR, 2RBI, 3R
Greg Howard 5-15, 2HR, 7RBI, 3R; Tony Cork 7-15, 3 2B, 3R; Patrick Cork 8-14, 2 2B, 2HR, 4RBI, 5R

Greg Howard (W) 9IP, 94ER, 15H, 6K; Tyson Schnitker (L) 7 2/3IP, 11ER, 17H, 5K; Dustin Waldrop 1/3IP, 3H

In an unlikely occurence at the awards ceremony, Chris Cork was awarded the Most Outstanding Player of the series despite his team losing both games. Cork broke out of a late season slide with a huge series. He was 12-26 with two triples, 5 homeruns, 8 RBI, and 7 runs scored in just two games. While Chris finished the Series hitting .462 (12-26), his teammates combined to hit only .216 (11-51) with 5RBI. Other players receiving votes were Patrick Cork (14-29, 3HR, 6RBI, 9R) and Greg Howard (9-31, 3HR, 10RBI, 4R). .


Lyndell Wright 2-12, R; Tyson Schnitker 5-14, HR, 2RBI, R; Chris Cork 12-26, 2 3B, 5HR, 8RBI, 7R; Dustin Waldrop 4-25, 3B, 2HR, 3RBI, 4R
Greg Howard 9-31, 3HR, 10RBI, 4R; Tony Cork 11-30, 3 2B, RBI, 4R; Patrick Cork 14-29, 4 2B, 3HR, 6RBI, 9R

Greg Howard (1-0) 9IP, 94ER, 15H, 6K; Tyson Schnitker (0-1) 7 2/3IP, 11ER, 17H, 5K; Dustin Waldrop (0-1) 9 1/3IP, 6R, 4ER, 17H, 4K; Tony Cork (1-0) 5 2/3IP, 4ER, 6H, K; Patrick Cork (S) 3 1/3IP, 2H, 5K

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Another record year at Corklestick Park

The 2000 Chair Baseball season has come and gone again, but not without some remarkable accomplishments. The league went over the 1,000,000 mark in attendance for the first time in it's history and the fans were treated to another great season of baseball.

With the fences being moved back and the pitcher's mound being raised, many around the league thought the offensive numbers would drop, but they could not have been more wrong. Patrick Cork put together his best offensive season despite the changes. In 30 games, Cork hit a record .477 (196-411) at the plate shattering the old mark of .427. For the third straight year Cork reached 50 in homeruns, this year belting out 53 - also a career high. He tied his league mark in RBI with 100 and set new records in runs scored (99), hits (196), doubles (22), triples (13) and slugging percentage (.981). All in all it was a successful yeat at the plate. "Early in the year I knew it wasn't going to be as big of a power year as the past with the changes in right field so I really concentrated on just getting hits," commented Cork. "By the time the season was half over I only had about 20 homers, but I was hitting .490 and scoring runs. Then all of a sudden the power came back." And come back it did. Over the final 14 games, Patrick hit 33 homeruns and drove in 71 in only 113 at bats. A streak that has never been approached in league history. "All of a sudden every ball I hit was hit hard. I don't know what happened, but something in my swing kind of clicked." Cork homered in his final 13 games dating back to July 3rd including the 12th of July when he homered four times in just 5 at bats. Cork also had a record year on the mound. After only pitching in 12 games and 43 innings over the past 2 seasons, Cork took the mound 15 times in 2000 and pitched 72 innings. He was a perfect 9-0 and finished with a microscopic ERA of 1.13. He also had 5 saves during the season and had a stretch of 26 scoreless innings at one point. He struck out 76 batters in 72 innings and allowed only 41 hits (an average of .159 against). On June 22nd, Patrick threw a 2-hit shutout striking out 14 batters and then on July 21st, threw a 1-hit shutout and struck out 13. Cork was not the only player to shine in 2000 though.

Greg Howard walked away from the field in the voting for Most Improved. Howard, who was a career .193 hitter with 22 total homeruns, shredded his previous marks by hitting .255 and belting out 19 homeruns in just 23 games. His slugging percentage of .497 was a .200 point improvement for his career and his 77 hits was far and away his highest total ever. Howard also had a very strong year on the mound despite a record of just 6-10. After throwing 377 2/3 innings over the past two seasons with an ERA of 4.41, Howard jumped into the 2000 season with an ERA that hovered under 4 most of the year and ended at 4.18 - second best in the league. Howard has several pitching records at the Stick to his credit. He has pitched 519 2/3 innings in 69 games on the mound. He is just trailing first place in career strikeouts with 221 and wins with 26. Howard was also the top assist man in 2000 throwing out 21 would-be hitters and committing only 3 errors - good enough to win his first ever Gold Glove.

Another good story from 2000 was Dustin Waldrop. Waldrop, who last year played in 26 games returned for his second year at the Stick and there was no sophomore slump. Despite having almost 80 less at-bats than last year, Wadlrop put up eerily similar numbers. In '99 he hit .286 with 29 homeruns and 56 RBI. Well, in 2000 he hit .285 with 29 homers and 55 RBI. Waldrop wins this year's award for freaking out the commissioner with those stats. The winner of Rookie of the Year goes to Lyndell Wright. Wright played in 21 of the 30 games this year at the Stick and was impressive throughout. After starting the year off red hot, Wright faltered a bit in the mid-season heat, but still finished with a very respectable .279 average. Despite his looks, Wright was a power threat at times and belted 8 homers in the season and drove in 26 runs - good enough for 4th in the league.

Ryan Tomlinson. What can you say? He has improved steadily each season and holds more obsure records than the Chair Baseball books can handle. His consistency at the plate is impressive as he continues to climb. His average has gone from .208 to .223 up to .227 this year and his 6 homeruns this year were also a career high. It's Tomlinson's defense though that really showed up. After compiling 39 errors in two seasons, Tomlinson finished 2000 with just 8 errors. He also was third in the league in outfield assists with 12, which is just one less than he had in the previous two seasons. No longer a liability on defense, Tomlinson was always a threat late in games. Two of his 6 homeruns were of the walk-off variety, including a solo shot in the bottom of the 11th on June 16th. Tony Cork had another solid year at the plate in 2000, but dropped off somewhat from his previous seasons. Tony hit .319 and finished second in average in the league and second in hits with 96. His 12 doubles were also good for second but were still lower than his previous seasons when he hit a combined .363 with 19 homers and 49 RBI. On the mound, Cork had his least successful season. Bothered by a sore foot all summer, Cork only put in 88 innings and went 3-6. Cork holds nearly all pitching records though in his three seasons compiling 29 victories and 225 strikeouts. His ERA for the first two seasons had been a league best 3.39, but his troubles in 2000 raised it to 4.25. Chris Cork was also limited in playing time in 2000 getting into only 9 games. He still hit .313 and blasted 9 homers and drove in 15, but the lack of games played hurt. Every time Cork would be home, the games would either be rained out or someone would get hurt (no names mentioned). He showed his true skills though in the World Series garnering MVP honors even though his team was 0-2. In the Series, Cork was 12 for 26 (.462) and hit 5 homeruns and drove in 8 of his team's 13 runs.

The memories of the 2000 season will live forever. Who could forget Ryan Tomlinson hitting game winning homeruns in back to back games? Or the wild finish to the World Series with 8 straight batters reaching base and Greg Howard's pair of 3-run shots? What about a couple of no-hitter bids from Patrick Cork in July not to mention his flirting with .500 at the plate? Who could forget Paul Alf? The sure shot pro prospect passing up that dream for another dream of playing chair baseball. Alf went 13-30 that day with 3 homeruns and 8 RBI. Patrick's broken foot thanks to Justin Massey, the chair's broken arm handle thanks to Ryan Tomlinson, and the new flag flying proudly on top of the backstop. All in all, 2000 was the most exciting and successful season chair baseball has ever seen. The Commissioner thanks all of those who played a part in it and is keeping his fingers crossed that hopefully he can do the same thing next summer.



Patrick Cork (30 games) .477 (196-411) , 53 HR , 100 RBI , 99 R , 22 2B , 13 3B , .981 slugging

Chris Cork (9 games) .313 (35-112) , 9 HR , 15 RBI , 20 R , 4 2B , 3 3B , .643 slugging

Tony Cork (24 games) .319 (96-303) , 4 HR , 13 RBI , 20 R , 12 2B , 2 3B , .412 slugging

Greg Howard (23 games) .255 (77-302) , 19 HR , 35 RBI , 29 R , 4 2B , 6 3B , .497 slugging

Dustin Waldrop (21 games) .285 (70-246) , 29 HR , 55 RBI , 39 R , 2 2B , 1 3B , .654 slugging

Ryan Tomlinson (24 games) .227 (71-313) , 6 HR , 15 RBI , 28 R , 3 2B , 0 3B , .294 slugging

Lyndell Wright (21 games) .279 (78-280) , 8 HR , 26 RBI , 25 R , 5 2B , 3 3B , .404 slugging


Tony Cork 12 games , 3-6 , 7.23 ERA , 71 ER in 88 1/3 innings , 149 hits , 41 K

Greg Howard 19 games , 6-10 , 4.18 ERA , 66 ER in 142 innings , 191 hits , 67 K

Patrick Cork 15 games , 9-0 , 1.13 ERA , 9 ER in 72 innings , 41 hits , 76 K , 5 saves

Ryan Tomlinson 9 games , 4-5 , 5.20 ERA , 37 ER in 64 innings , 88 hits , 33 K

Dustin Waldrop 9 games , 1-3 , 4.56 ERA , 24 ER in 47 1/3 innings , 76 hits , 10 K

Lyndell Wright 10 games , 5-3 , 6.09 ERA , 51 ER in 75 1/3 innings , 105 hits , 47 K


Patrick Cork 15 assists , 1 error

Greg Howard 21 assists , 3 errors

Ryan Tomlinson 12 assists , 8 errors

Tony Cork 7 assists , 6 errors

Dustin Waldrop 9 assists , 7 errors

Lydnell Wright 6 assists , 3 errors

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